Day 16, 19thJan, Lazy Saturday Mornings….

It’s interesting, that despite our being away from the working-week routine, today felt like a weekend morning; it had that ‘slow start, nothing to rush for’ atmosphere.

I was a bit hormonally discombobulated today.  We were talking about what we’d do (stay in-situ or move on towards Valencia). I set off for a half-hearted jog in the hope that it would balance me out, returning with less energy rather than more cheer.  M, who always tries to make everything good was thrown off by my emotional oscillations. He went to the loo block and I made coffee in a hope that this would be the solution.

Which it kind of was, because on his way he met the inhabitants of the latest van to arrive, with a GB plate, and he sent them in my direction.

Hannah and Matt (late 20’s, both vets) came to say ‘Hello’.  They’d been very brave and enterprising, chucking in jobs from home and taking out a year to do much of Europe.  120-something days in and France, Portugal and Spain were thoroughly covered.  Which leaves them Italy, Coroatia, Slovenia, and up to Norway to do before July.  Stan was given an impromptu ear exam, as he’s been worrying at his ears and we got a lesson on how to treat his ear canals, if required.  

They stayed for coffee and we sat in the sunshine until M suggested it was ‘beer-o’clock’.  Whereupon we sat some more, swapping stories and histories; adventures and mishaps; journeys of learning the art of camper-vanning in countries where you don’t speak the language as well as you’d like.  By 4pm, the only food we’d had was Hannah and Matt’s bag of crisps.  

Our new chums offered to host for supper over at their van (some 30 meters away), since that spot wasn’t tree-shaded.  Matt like M does much of the food and we chomped a picnic of bread, chorizo, cheese, apple and cucumber, which kept us chatting till 6ish.  Stan had a lovely time.  Having all agreed that no dogs should be given human food, he surreptitiously got cheese rind from each of us.  Then we were back in the van, me reading and trying to ignore the endless radio debate on a solution to the Brexit problem.

Much, much later, a message from my cousin in Sunderland told me that as a part of her 52ndbirthday celebrations she’d read my blog and inadvertently set up her own. I’ve put the link here ( – it reads really well – like hearing her voice here in the camper 🙂  

Around midnight, I wandered in slippers over to the toilet block.  Padding back there was a strong gust of warm wind that rustled the palm tree leaves high above my head.  I gazed upwards, noticing how shiny the fronds looked reflecting back the streetlight.  

I wondered, what change was that wind blowing towards us?

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