Conservative Party Leadership Interview

Conservative party Leadership Interview

Conservative Party Leadership Interview


the journalist leans closer,

Salivating, at the thought of

Opportunistic benefits:

“Tell me, Most Honourable You,

What’s your opinion on this?”


“Good question, good question,

I’m so glad you asked me,

It’s a toughie but important

Because self-interest-self-interest

Self-interest-self-interest,  you see

I really don’t give a shit

About any of this

But self-interest-self-interest

Is good for me.”


“Yes indeed”

preens the reporter

Accepting each frothed syllable

With sycophantic glee

Imagining the door: brass-shiny plate

Director of Communications

Perfect for me.


“So what would you say then, Sir?

Comes the gift of a platform

Politician leans back, smirking,

A conspiratorial wink:


“Cut taxes, cut the benefits,

Blame the poor people, and EU

Balance the books in my favour

Stuff the many, favour the few

I’ll say whatever buys votes for me,

We’re way-past accountability,


Self-interest-Self-interest-you see…”

© Julie Wilson, July 23rd 2022, all rights reserved

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